Avanteh offers a full range of equipment and materials for production of electronic devices

The Avanteh Company is successfully operating in the global market of electronic equipment. We closely follow all the latest engineering developments and provide our customers with the equipment that meets highest international quality standards. Time does not stand still, and many companies all over the world will sooner or later have to face the challenges of equipping their production facilities with the latest equipment. We, in turn, are professionally engaged in resolving any issues relating to the transition to a higher level in terms of production through the introduction of new technology. The Avanteh company offers re-equipment, upgrade, and supply of a complete line of production equipment for production facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.  

Our customers include:
- Industrial companies;
- Companies in the military
- Industrial complex;
- Corporations involved in manufacturing;
- Large, medium-sized, and small production facilities;
- State-owned companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and others.  

Our catalog features a wide range of equipment for the production of electronic and high-frequency devices, high frequencies and microwave signals meters, inspection and control systems, as well as industrial furniture and antistatic equipment.  

Our advantage is the fact that we are working directly with manufacturers and we are an authorized distributor of many foreign companies in the Russian market. We supply equipment manufactured by the best companies from Germany, Japan, UK, USA, Israel, and Ireland.  

Avanteh’s services package includes:
- Advising clients on all aspects of engineering;
- Selection of the necessary equipment (both its separate components and the whole line of production);
- Testing purchased equipment with customer's samples and conducting the analysis of the effectiveness of future operation;
- Delivery of the equipment taking into account the transport logistics;
- Installation of equipment and the setting up the production process;
- Advice on all matters of operation;
- Further equipment maintenance support.  

Our principle is to find an individual solution for each client. We respect opinions our customers have and offer them customized solutions based on their particular objectives. We are distinguished by an objective assessment of the situation and loyalty when it comes to relationship with our customers.  

Our advantages:
- Supply and installation of a full range of equipment for the production of electronic devices;
- Knowledge of the market and technical base;
- Work with the latest developments in electronic technology;
- High quality and reliability of the equipment offered;
- Well-established logistics routes;
- Direct supply from manufacturers;
- Individual approach to every customer;
- Warranty and much more.  

Avanteh is a team of true professionals. Our staff includes engineers and manufacturing technicians who were underwent training at manufacturing facilities. We maintain high levels of service by working on an exclusive basis with our suppliers, and we are always in touch which allows resolving all issues within the shortest possible time. We provide installation and after-sales services of the equipment purchased. We are in constant development: we write articles in specialized magazines and implement joint projects with our foreign colleagues.